Strength in Products

Hercules combines the efficiencies of 3 manufacturing lines to simultaneously manage both high volume work and custom chassis work, allowing us the capability to manufacture many different chassis types. Whether it’s a 53-foot domestic chassis, the intermodal container chassis or the specialty trailers that have become our hallmark, or a chassis manufactured to your specifications, we’ve had you covered since 1958.

Call us at 908.369.0000 or email sales@Herculesent.com for more information about any of our products. If you have a specific request or unique hauling need, we can help you design your custom chassis. The quality of Hercules products and the service we provide is unmatched in the chassis manufacturing industry.

Let us help you find the right chassis for the job.

The Hercules specialty. This line includes the 23’ flush back chassis, 40’ gooseneck, 40’gooseneck tri-axle, 40’ straight frame, 40’ gooseneck lightweight, 45’ gooseneck, 45’ gooseneck tri-axle, 53’ gooseneck tri-axle, 40’ gooseneck genset, and much more.

Container Chassis - Hercules Enterprises
Combo Chassis - Hercules Enterprises

Featuring the 20’-40’ extendable chassis, 40’-45’ extendable, 40’ 8-lock straight frame, 40’ 12-lock gooseneck, 40’ 12-lock straight frame, 40’ 16-lock straight frame, 50’ 20-lock straight frame, 20’-40’ extendable tri-axle, and more.


Includes the 23’ slider chassis if you want to carry one 20’ ISO container, or the 53’ for those wanting to carry heavier loads.

Slider Chassis - Hercules Enterprises
Drop Frame Chassis - Hercules Enterprises

We’ve got both the single drop and double drop variety. Our single drop frame chassis line features the 30’ tandem for 10’ module, 31’ drop frame for Navy chassis, 34’ drop frame for 10’ container, 40’ tri-axle for 20’ ISO container, 43’ crane trailer, 43’ drop frame for 2’ by 10’ containers, 43’ tandem 12 lock chassis hi-lo, 43’ tandem 20’ ISO tank chassis, 44’ tri-axle 20’ ISO tank chassis, and much more. Our double drop line boasts a 43’ double drop for a 12’ high waste container, 43’ double drop for 20’ tank container, and a 65’ double drop for 40’ container.


The 20’ container scoop type bomb cart, 20’ container tri-axle/50-ton scoop type bomb cart, 40’ scoop type 8-lock bomb cart, 40’ cornerless bomb cart, 45’ cornerless bomb cart, and more.

Bomb Carts and Road Trailers - Hercules Enterprises
Special Products - Hercules Enterprises

These include the 28’straight-frame chassis for a generator, grass bale chassis, patriot radar set trailer, ramp chassis, trailer for firing training unit, tube cylinder chassis, water tank trailer, workshop unit chassis, and container mobilizer, among other products.


Our expert craftsmen are certified professionals, and they use advanced, state-of-the-art equipment to create the highest quality and most durable parts for use in building our chassis. The quality of the parts used in manufacturing Hercules chassis is a key factor in the durability of our products.

Parts - Hercules Enterprises
Remanufacturing & Refurbishing - Hercules Enterprises

For battle-tested chassis that have come out of it with a few scars, our craftsmen can help. We can take those chassis, shine them up, and make them look—and perform—like brand new.