Where the innovative vision of our engineering programs become reality.

Hercules can custom-manufacture any type of chassis. And here is how we do it: we can manage both high volume and custom work simultaneously by combining the efficiencies of 3 manufacturing lines. We use only the best manufacturing equipment, allowing us to create many different chassis types from 53-foot domestic chassis to fully customized specialty equipment.

While the Hercules engineering team has the creative vision, our manufacturing team puts that vision to work to create the chassis products that have made Hercules a leading chassis manufacturer over the last several decades. Our craftsmen take great pride in the finished product, which they create using advanced, state-of-the-art plasma and laser machines to create flawless seams and cuts.

Our products have stood the test of time, proving time and again that they can perform under pressure, and they can last. That’s what makes HERCULES STRONG.